wtf lmao

if people read my blogs i think it was only the other day when i did a blog about guys asking me out and how a guy i liked asked me out and i said nope (if you’re reading ask me on a date to movies or buy me a teddy lol). well i saw my bro today. he said he went out on friday night and some guy came up to him and asked if he was kera’s brother and he said yes and the guy said he used to work in the same building as me and that i’m fit…my poor bro just looked at him and said ok (lol what’s he post to say). he told me what he looked like but i don’t have a clue who it is lol.

(O_O) i do not understand what guys see in me lol.

need to chill :(

its Monday and back at work after having the weekend off. no-one had been in since Saturday morning and also there was no ordering for the department because i was not in so there are some peed off people but sorry i need time off to 🙂 . spent nearly 3hours cleaning the loos,bins , bog rolls (most of them empty) and shop floor.

liam back into school tomorrow and i think i might just sleep half the day saying that i have not slept well in some time.

i went out on Saturday night and got home at 4am. Not the best night out i have had and i have a funny feeling it could be my last night out. can’t stand people who used to by my friend but now just slags me off to people.