whoop got a stalker

well i can now say that i have a stalker on wordpress.

the person is from the uk, looks at my site 7times a day on no blog days and on blog says 10 times ,they love to look for me on google. (O_O) best part is there only reading old posts from 2012-13-14 so it must be someone i no who is looking for something and YES I CAN SEE WHAT YOUR READING. before anyone asks its been going on for 3weeks.

i’m just going to be careful in what i put on this blog for abit until i can find out who this freak is….

what would you do if you had a stalker???

ps i have put my instagram on private because of this but my twitter is still on pubic for now.


first thing i have to say is thankyou for the 56 sexy people who have looked at my blog today. wow i didn’t think that was what i was going to see this this morning. i love you so much and big hugs. after the morning i have had this has put a smile back onto my face xxxxxxx. https://www.instagram.com/p/-L2KGaB3K4/?taken-by=keysprice1988

i better say sorry for not blogging for a week about my fun life. liam is doing ok but did have a flop this morning when we was 5mins late to school. he kept giving me crap saying he was sick, his head is going to fall off and can’t forget his legs are going to fall off to, he forgot his glasses so had to run home to get them, he kept having paddys all the way there what was driving me up the wall and when we got to the school his helper was waiting and i had to tell her liam was in a mood and he kicked a child who was saying hello to him but the child was cool. they told me if he gets that bad they will ring me.

went to work to do some shopping to find out that i might be working boxing day and like i said I BETTER NOT BE. it won’t be long until they have shops open on xmas day.

wtf facebook

wtf is going on with people on facebook. i have to admit i only go onto that site to see how people are doing and play on the games but lately everything what keeps popping up is shocking.

  1. i don’t want to see porn.
  2. sorry i could not turn up to your party but i have a thing called a JOB.
  3. i do not want to read about atheism.
  4. fights
  5. people being rude about the police andĀ social services (not knowing that fb is being watched by them).
  6. drug taking.
  7. taking photos of there children sick/ill.

hmmmm think its time i start deleting some people (O_O).