pooping my pants

i have been getting alot of spam phone calls lately and what i do is just block them…tonight i got a call from 0113 350 1257. i picked it up and it was like something out of a horror film. the guy down the phone was singing a creepy song and asked for kera prince .. i hanged up and blocked the number 0.0.

phone down the chair lol wtf

I lost my dvd remote for a month now so thought it was about time i try and find it. That meant i had to put my hand down the chairs. anyone with children will stick up with me when i say this but its not nice putting your hand down the chair because you never no what they have put down there lol. After putting my hand down the chair i felt something and i thought yay i found it. I pulled it out and nope not the remote but a phone.


First thing i did was send a message on facebook to my boyfriend (yes i’m seeing someone) and ask him if he has lost his phone but nope its not his. So i had to post a photo and ask my family if it was any of there’s but nope. only person it can be is its my ex so its been binned lol. If anyone wants to know it was broken i tried to put power into it and it came up as a sad face of death.