whoop party

whoop well i went out last night for the first time in 2-3 years. it was so lovely to see my friends again and to let my hair down. i got home at 3:30am and best part is I’ve only had 3 hours of sleep because my body is saying keys wake up. this is the first time when I’ve gone out and i can remember what i drank and i can remember the night ( 8 vk’s ,4 shots). I’ve woken up with no hang over and no sick (feeling bril).

only prob i had about clubing is the sodding photos and there was alot of them so i’m not looking forward to seeing them lol. what kind of bugs me is in the past the night club photo people would take a photo and you would pay £5 to have the photo but now they take the photo and put it up on there fb page to show every sod how much of a prat you look.

keys work of art lol

don’t you just love it when people look into your home…yep thats what keeps happening to me. i no-test that some of my neighbors keep looking into my frontroom window.last week i saw someone hiding behind there own blinds when i saw them looking at my window. so  i thought stuff this i’m going to buy some window netting (black). they came today but something is wrong … 1) i ordered 2 netting and 2) its not the right size but because i’m keys i thought stuff it i will put them up side ways and no-one will no-test lol. anyway its up now and doing it job…. oh and i pinned it on (O_O) lol.


wtf facebook

wtf is going on with people on facebook. i have to admit i only go onto that site to see how people are doing and play on the games but lately everything what keeps popping up is shocking.

  1. i don’t want to see porn.
  2. sorry i could not turn up to your party but i have a thing called a JOB.
  3. i do not want to read about atheism.
  4. fights
  5. people being rude about the police and social services (not knowing that fb is being watched by them).
  6. drug taking.
  7. taking photos of there children sick/ill.

hmmmm think its time i start deleting some people (O_O).