pooping my pants lol

i just walked up to my son’s school when a police car slowed down near me. first i thought he wanted to talk to me but he started to drive abit faster when i looked. when i got to my son’s school and this is no joke the sodding car was at the school. hmmm well the first thing what popped into my head was WTF HAS HE DONE NOW. i was waiting for him thinking i was gonna get called into the classroom but nope he came out of his class and  he’s had a good day with no probs (for once).

someone tried to break in AGAIN

been trying to phone 101 non emergency  but nothing so i might be better going to Huddersfield police. at 5:45am this morning someone was messing with my front door. who ever it is stopped very fast hmmm they must of clicked on that there are 2 locks and I LIVE IN A UPSTAIRS FLAT you dumb pleb. this is NOT THE FIRST TIME and last month i had to change the sodding lock….. people of meltham try to keep safe and keep ya doors locked.

i’m thinking for getting a cam to put over my door outside but if housing say no i will just keep a camera on the stairs facing the door.


well i had something scary happen to me at 1am this morning. I was in bed watching WWE Wrestlemania and for once i turned off the hall light because i was getting tv light (can’t sleep with no light). i was about to drop off but i heard a sound coming form the door downstairs (live in a upstairs flat). someone was moving the door handle. now this is not the first time this has happened to my door.




well i have had a lovely chill day and a good rest after all the fun of this week. i even ended up falling asleep at 12pm to 2pm.

when i was walking home with liam i saw the woman getting out of her friends car. i blanked her out and didn’t say nothing. i think she was hiding behind the wall of my flat because when liam got to the door she had not walked past yet but soon as i got liam in i slammed the door shut just to show her i’m not a happy bunny about yesterday. I’m also kind of shocked liam didn’t say hello to her but hearing someone saying there calling the police on there mother hmmm wonder why he didn’t say hello (he’s not stupid).

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what a sodding morning

well i had a fun morning.

the lady who sadly lost her daughter came out her house and asked me if i said anything on facebook. well i said yes but i only put i was sad and shocked. well she went crazy on me and started to yell at me saying that i put her childs name all over the internet (but i do not know there names). i told her that i have not and if i have upset you i’m sorry. she then started to shout out she was going to ring up the police on me. i mostly would of not give a crap about this because the woman has alot going on but WHEN SHE WAS YELLING RIGHT NEXT TO MY SON (O_O). i got hold of liam’s hand and just left her yelling at me. liam asked me what was that about and i told him we are just not friends anymore. i found out when i got home that some silly person had put the womans name on my fb page so i deleted the status and deleted a hell of alot of people and i even left a new status. my mom and dad said don’t worry about it because you have done nothing wrong and if she yells at you again saying stuff like this report her to the police. my mother took me out to a have a coffee and went around the charty shops and when we was in the shop two ladys where talking about the woman hmmmm wonder if i will be blamed for that (O_O). 

 well i had a fun morning. i just had my neighbour having a right go at me next to my son all because someone had told her that i have put her childs name all over my facebook page. like i said to the lady i did put something online but i did not say her name (because i didn’t no her name). she kept yelling at me when i was walking away and at the same time saying she was going to ring the police on me for putting her childs name all over the internet.

I spent 2hours last night in tears thinking about what had happened so having this woman yelling at me made me feel more crap.
Because of this I have deleted a lot of people off my fb page (was going to delete page but to many photos). Thank you for blacking my name and making me sound like a hurtful bitch to everyone in meltham.

ps i had depression for 4 years after i had my son ….i’m not going to do anything stupid but i will say always be careful when you try to talk poop about stuff like this…. right now i’m just in shock and feeling sick.