(O_O) me and delivery

I have ordered Liam a new Xbox one game called Minecraft story mode for his late birthday present. I got a text at 11:50am saying that it had been posted into my letterbox but nothing was there. I text the delivery guy asking where it was. after a hour i found out he post it to the wrong house and now I have to wait and see if there gonna let me have it….

update 4:22pm – still no sign

2/1/17 – bril news a man came round to my house and gave me the lost parcel  🙂 . 


what to do???

i think i’ve done a blog like this in the past but i can’t remember but i’m really thinking about deleting facebook for good. last night i was trying to take off nearly all the photos of me and family and put them onto my laptop but clicked on that i badly need a memory stick (got to wait till friday).

in the past it used to be a site i would look forward to going on and talking to people but sadly nearly everyone i used to be friends with turned out to be plebs or just stopped talking to me or drama. every time i log onto it now it’s only to play games and family sending me messages or all the old people who have seen me grow up want to see photos of liam.

i deleted fb off my phone 2weeks ago because i got so sick to death of turning my internet on and messages just popping up what where just stressing and upsetting me. when i log onto the site by my laptop i still get that feeling of OH PLEASE NO CRAP TODAY. also its the only site i know when you block someone it start’s a keys unblock that person war and then i have to unblock that person and see there site what i do not want to see because it upsets me.

i might try and have a week away from it starting next week and then delete it so it gives me time to get all the photos and give people a heads up whats gonna happen. i no some people are gonna be peed but i feel like this will make me feel better if i do it.

royal mail are a joke

last time i got any mail was last Thursday and they had to put a rubber band around my parcels and letters. i thought hmmm think its time to contact royal mail and ask about this because my letters and stuff are not showing up.

1st) they said there has been a dog attack near you. IT WAS DOWN THE ROAD and i have got my mail but not getting it everyday.

2nd) they asked me when i last got my mail and i said Thursday. i look out the window and saw the mail van. i told them the van was outside but no-one went up my road …. they said if the van is out it might mean you have no mail… WTF NO-ONE ON MY STREET HAS MAIL…. yer what ever its bloody laziness 😡 .

Hi Sexy people

Sorry I have not been doing alot of writing on here.i have had alot of stuff going on in my mind but sadly I can’t write it down . I’ve also been having some crazy dreams like the one last night with aliens (0.0).

Spent yesterday with my son and mum. Took Liam to see the new chipmunk movie and Liam loved it. ‘hehe’ he loved it so much he was dancing to the songs.