hi :D

sorry for not blogging a lot. like I said in my last post something big has happened and sadly I have now been told if it goes to court its her word not mine so I have to admit that has peed me off but good news I have got some money out of one prob but sadly I’m not aloud to say nothing. don’t worry i’m not going to court lol but a lot has happened.

anyway lets change the chat to some happy news. it was parents meeting tonight and I thought noooooooooooooo. Liam is bril in maths and good at English . school are on about getting a behavioural psychologist for Liam but he’s not as bad as he was (just have to see).


Well this weekend has been ok and had some good news. Anyway the good news is I might have a house well my friend has two rooms free and has asked me if I would like to have a look at them so sometime next week I’m going to have a look.

Today ive had a chill day and even had my phone off but there is a reason to that and still feel abit peed. Anyway tonight im going to do some psychology and might go to sleep at 9pm for once. Oh and today I got my xmas hours from work :].


i had a crazy think about something today. just think this…when we die..we all find out that we was just dreaming about what is happening right now (O_O). i was thinking about this today but then i thought naaa because why do ghost’s haunt people.

i also had a right crazy dream last night that me and my friend Amanda was stuck on a broken bus and shes a big westlife fan and kept talking about them for 2hours until i woke up. lol i wonder if that means something hmmm yes don’t get on a bus with Amanda lol….

done 2hours of psychology studying tonight and now my head hurts :D. been learning about sleep and other crap about sleep.

hello :]

sorry if my spelling is abit crap doing this blog because I’m not using Microsoft word for once.

anyway last night was abit of a bloody joke. i thought i would do some AQA psychology downstairs (did 2hours) when Liam had gone to bed. my mum and dad had gone out for the night to wales so i had the house to myself. so at 5:45pm i ordered a take away and no bloody joke it took them till 7:30pm to get to my house. i would of not cared that much but i did order from the meltham (where i live) take away up the road from me. i phoned them up at 7:15pm asking where the hell was my food and they said sorry we will be there soon, so i think they might of forgotten about me (O_O). when i got it i got a free big bottle of cola and a free cake. today Ive got belly pain and gas (yes i said GAS lol). oh and also today i took my son to see the ducks at the big park in meltham. wow it was busy but he had fun.


Let’s start with Friday. Well I went to town at 9:30am because today is my pay day (woop). I had to wait 5weeks for my work money because there was 5 Fridays last month. Anyway got Liam some xmas stuff and I spent an hour looking for a wwe brawlin buddie sheamus because most shops only had john cena but Liam don’t like him. after we got home (near 11:30am) liam wanted a nap and i did some AQA Psychology and did some reading :].