i love it when i put a smile on someones face

I was walking back home from my mothers when i walked into two Mormon ladys. The ladys both said hello to me so i said hello back. They was telling me that they are in the uk for 6weeks to talk to people and i said cool. they both wanted to to know more about the village so i told them about the mills, old train track and the lovely walks around meltham. They asked me if i had a Religion and i said yep i’m a Christian so i told them all about god and Jesus and if you ever feel like poop remember that they love you. One of the ladys turned and said since she has been around the village she has not met anyone like me who is happy, talking and friendly and that made me feel so happy as pie after the crazy stuff what has been going on in my life.

why do i feel like this was a sign from the big guy 🙂 .

relationship advise from keys

12651194_1695328977413842_8842204367932060148_nI logged onto facebook this morning to see a status from my brother who has been getting some lovely messages from a ex how her boyfriend is the best, bragging about her sex life and slagging off my bro. so i gave him some advise that might help over people who might have a ex like this….

my advise – i hope you know when a ex brags about her new boyfriend in that way to a old ex it means her new boyfriend is crap and that you was the best boyfriend she had. Also the reason she is insulting / saying crap to people about you is because your life is a hell of alot better then hers. Just keep on smiling and get on with your life because she will hate that. Also when a ex says lets be friends say ok but never talk to them again because YOU CAN NEVER BE FRIENDS WITH A EX (there old news now).  

whoop got a stalker

well i can now say that i have a stalker on wordpress.

the person is from the uk, looks at my site 7times a day on no blog days and on blog says 10 times ,they love to look for me on google. (O_O) best part is there only reading old posts from 2012-13-14 so it must be someone i no who is looking for something and YES I CAN SEE WHAT YOUR READING. before anyone asks its been going on for 3weeks.

i’m just going to be careful in what i put on this blog for abit until i can find out who this freak is….

what would you do if you had a stalker???

ps i have put my instagram on private because of this but my twitter is still on pubic for now.

hello friends

11055488_706736709448552_269216870_nsorry that i have not done a blog. there has been so much on my mind but sadly i can’t say what in a blog. i have also no-test that i have had alot of traffic from the uk (views) and i have a crazy feeling its just people looking to see if i have put something about them on my site. yes i write alot about my life on this site (nearly everything) but i never say stuff that could mess up me and my family’s life or say peoples names without asking or being my buddys.

only thing i can say thankyou god for my life story book lol.

don’t get me wrong but the uk is the 2nd most views i got last year (2015 USA 1st , Brazil 3rd) but i no something is not right when i’m getting over 5-6 views a day from the uk when its mostly 1-2 on no blog days (on blog day theirs more).  on 20/1/16 i got 33 views on a none blog day (O_O) ehhhhhhhhhh ON A WEDNESDAY. 

update : also to my stalker my stats tell me what you are reading and how you are looking for me (google and twitter).https://www.instagram.com/p/BBGYcAOh3FY/?taken-by=keysprice1988

Got told off for feeding a horse

Well I just had something funny happen to me and for once I didn’t no what to say. Yesterday Liam went up a horse and gave it grass and everything was good but when we was walking back from school Liam and his friends went to see and feed the horse grass. The farmer came down in his car and had ago at me for letting Liam feed the horse and told me and the boys not to feed the horse grass again. I just looked at him and said o….k.  when we walked away other children where feeding the horse behind us (0.0). Hmm when I was liams age there was nothing wrong with feeding a horse grass and your next to a school so children will feed it. Think we will walk a different way home next time because I don’t want Liam and me getting into poop.