it’s saturday night and i have the weekend off and i’m home in bed watching youtube…also got to say eating a dinner for one lol.

:O i’m also 29 on tuesday..


more crap :(

last week I got paid but sadly I was taxed £160 and I can’t get the money back till next year and because my big bills have now been paid my money sucks right now. on top of that housing has suspended my benefit payments after I have told them for 6monthss that my wage is everywhere and I do not know what is going on. this means now that I have to pay full council tax (paying £60 right now) and my rent will be £70 a week….

just feel like hiding under my bedroom :(.


update :P

17499270_1106309676177102_5413155993796194623_nsorry for not blogging a lot this week. a lot has gone on and for legal reasons I can’t say until it its fixed (long story).

but I can talk about a odd thing what happened last week. someone sent me a letter signed to keys. when I opened it and saw the name I soon put the letter into the bin.

also found out liam is pooping himself for attention. he did it tonight so he is now banned from games until this dirty protest has stopped. its now been going on for a month.

my Saturday

i have to admit that i feel kind of good. i went to town with my family and got the big shopping done and went to cex ( for some new dvds for me to watch at nights. the only stress chest pain i got today was when liam let go of my hand to run after a pigeon and he nearly ran into the bloody road.

we also took liam to see santa today. it always makes me laugh when we go see him because liam goes into shock and won’t talk. mum took the photos and one of the photos looks like i’m picking my nose but i had a itch on my face lol (good timing mom lol).

well it’s now 7pm and he’s gone to bed so that means horror film night…