smelly :|

woke up at 5am feeling awake but only because this muppet went to sleep at 8pm and also left the flat lights on (arrr money lol).

i went to work and did what i had to do hmmm change that i had to clean the fish fridge. After work i had to go pick up liam from my mothers (school holiday week) and my mum’s face when she walked up to me lol . i told her what I’ve been doing this morning and she says yep you smell :O lol.

merry Christmas blog family

if i do not pop onto wordpress this week and maybe the next week i just want to thank the 800 people who follow my blog and my fun life. its been a fun and a busy year and i hope 2016 brings me and liam more fun :D.

i love you and i hope you all have a fun week and don’t get to drunk lol.

merry Christmas everyone 😀