arrr how to piss me off

not a happy lass..just logged onto my account where i have been saving up all my credit to buy a new tv what was post to come on a wednesday next week. logged onto my account to find out its be declined so i rang them up asking what the hell is going on because it been payed by my credit and the guy said he was sorry but they over ordered and i will get a tv soon as they get more (but don’t know when so no use to me)…so i asked for my credit back so i can go buy a different tv but same size and after a good yelling fight down the phone because he just kept saying just wait for your order miss price,  i now get my credit back on tuesday early morning…why have it up for sale if you bloody ran out…

update – i got my money back on thursday 😀 

yo :P

well i have not done a blog lately so i better write something about life. hmmm well everything seems to be cool right now. got liam a bookcase for his bedroom and wow it looks bril. i have also got a block of shelf’s in my front room (might take a photo of it). the best bit about liam being in full time school is that i can now do up the flat.

liam is loving school. he’s even made friends with the girls. lol he got a blackeye on his first day all because he ran into the playground and ran into a post (O_O).

also its that time of the year when i have to pay £22 for my own Domain Registration for 😀