whoop its monday and i feel like i have been ran over by a bus , my head hurts and also my eyes. you know you’re getting old when you go on a night out and you sleep for 2days after lol but it was a bril night :D.


hello blog

its late and i need to go to sleep but my mind is saying hell no. i’m getting so sick of feeling like this and i need it to stop. last night i had to make myself sleep and i must of dropped off at 10pm but woke up at 1am and went to sleep at 3am.

also today i got a text from the NHS saying liam has a appointment tomorrow at 10:30am but it was the first time i have been told about it so i’m gonna have to ring them tomorrow and rebook it or i will have school on my butt because i have not told them but how i’m i post to tell them if i didn’t even sodding knew lol.

(O.o) need to sleeeeeeeep

i do not know what is going on with my head but for about a month now i have not been sleeping very well to a point i can be up all night and be asleep when liam is at school. right now it is 3am and i just can’t drop off.



sorry for not bloging. its been the school holidays and i’ve been busy with liam and i also have to admit it that i am very sleepy right now.  he is back to school next week and i know this is gonna sound bad but i can’t wait to have life back to normal lol.


school holidays

its already wednesday and i’m sleepy as pie.

liam is having his feet looked at tomorrow and i’m gonna have to have a chat with them about him falling over and opening his head. i think there is talk about liam having boots made for him.


life and need sleep

started the new cleaning company yesterday and i had to be up at 4am. The job went well but just need to get used to the new stuff i have to do. i still don’t have the new gear and no name tag so hope that don’t take long.

today coffee is my best friend lol.

got a school parent meeting tonight …wish me luck lol. might end up falling asleep in one of the small chairs lol.



i keep having nightmares nearly every night.

last night i woke up with a jump all because i had a dream i left liam home and i went to town and when i came home the windows where open and liam was cleaning (O_O). other night i had a dream some crazy person was going around town with a gun.

i kind of want the dreams to stop…. i’m i having crazy dreams because of my stress probs?