why is it in the summertime when you have to have your windows open people outside think its ok to smoke under your upstairs bedroom window and talk like the person next to them can’t hear them o.0.

sunday burn

Image may contain: one or more people and close-uphmmm i think i got abit burned yesterday but my son still looks like a bloody vampire. for the first time in years hmmm maybe since i was a teen i put myself into a dress…and look what happens lol.


Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoorits 1940s in meltham and its also bloody hot. so hot that i have gone and burned my back :O. anyway i have to admit that this 1940s was not that bril. the parade was abit poop and not alot was going on oh and why was the fly pass at 15:30pm 0.o.

only good thing about today was when liam used a BB gun and wow he was good…even the guy said wow he should join us.

head hurts :(

downloadi know this going to sound crazy i can’t wait for the cold weather to hit the uk again.

for about 2 months now its been hot but what i don’t find fun is when one min the sun is out but next min its peeing it down but its still hot outside. my poor head feels like its slamming a wall and my eyes are killing me arrr and i’m full of cold.