its now sunday and i’m home just chilling about to make a nice hot drink before i go to bed.

but i did want to write about how i have been feeling abit low. don’t get me wrong i’m not having probs with liam and home stuff…but work has been the hard one. i try so hard to keep people happy but i just feel like my best is just not good for some people. on top of that people what where very near to me have now stopped talking to me and it’s because i work for new people now and that makes me feel like poop and makes my job feel odd when i see them and when i say hello and i get nothing (not even a smile).

maybe next week will be better.

sunday fun

whoop you know its nearly Christmas when you go to the village carols in the park. i haven’t been to the village one in 7-8 years and it was lovely to see how busy it was but sadly we could only stay for 30mins because liam was bored and pushed over a girl who kept bugging him.

i better say if people from my fb read my blogs. I’m sticking to what i said about not being on the site for a month but my Instagram photos are still gonna pop up (also using Instagram stories).

hello sexy people

i was thinking of writing a post last night but i thought naaa i’m going to wait till sunday night. hmmm well i think people might of worked it out that i had abit of a crappy week. everything went crazy and sometimes i just didn’t know what i was doing. well yesterday i had to hold my teeth to my lips because i nearly said something to a person who was just being a rude d~~k to me but i was chill :D. also work have put my hours back to the same way they where (kind of getting sick of them changing).

whoop tomorrow is a new start to the week so wish me luck sexy people.

UPDATE : just hit 750 people following my blog…thankyou so much :D. xxxxxx