big news and thankyou

i have some really good news to tell you sexy people.

For about a year now i have thought very hard about this idea. I wanted to make my blog posts into a book. starting yesterday the dream has come to true…well kind of. i have got a kindle book out called 2012 blogger by me ūüėÄ and also 2013 is out today. I was going¬† to publish¬† 2014¬† but thought naa because there is gonna be a book :O what is gonna be coming out but can’t say when. The kindle book will be around ¬£3.99 and the book will be around ¬£5.99 and the reason 2014 is being hold back is because kindle will only sell stuff 0.99 not 0.50.

this would not be happening if it was not for you sexy 1,460 people so i want to say a big thankyou to everyone who reads and follows. the kindle store is on the link page so if you want to go to the past…buy… ūüėõ only if you want to lol.


I have not forgotten you

first thing I need to say is thank you¬†to the¬†people¬†who have been¬†reading my blogs when I haven’t been blogging a lot. sadly there has been no news to put up right now and nothing fun is going on in my life.

don’t worry I have not forgotten about you sexy people and also a big thankyou because the blog just hit 1,350 followers :D.

well someone must like me lol

every morning i get up and sort liam out and by the time he’s sorted i log into the laptop to see what is treading on twitter (my news paper), go onto facebook (drama) and then i log onto wordpress to see if everything is cool and fine.

well i logged onto this site around 8am to see that my page has had ALOT of traffic at some point this early morning. WTF SOMEONE VIEWED MY PAGE 128 TIMES FROM THE UK. that means someone spent half of last night just reading about my crazy fun life. i have admit when i saw this in the morning i just thought wtf is going on but now i thinking wow i must of made someones day (O_O). thankyou for reading the blog and never be to shy to say hello of like the page or follow (or follow me on twitter keys1988).


i love it when i put a smile on someones face

I was walking back home from my mothers when i walked into two Mormon ladys. The ladys¬†both said hello to me so i said hello back. They was telling me that they are in the uk for 6weeks to talk to people and i said cool. they both wanted to to know more about the village so i told them about the mills, old train track and the lovely walks around meltham. They asked me if i had a¬†Religion and i said yep i’m a¬†Christian so¬†i told them all about god and Jesus and if you ever feel like poop remember that they love you. One of the ladys turned and¬†said since she has¬†been around the village¬†she has not met anyone like me who is happy, talking and friendly and that made me feel so happy as pie after the crazy stuff what has been going on in my life.

why do i feel like this was a sign from the big guy ūüôā .