got to love kirklees housing

got a letter today saying if i didn’t ring them in 7days to let building sevices to look at my gas appliances they will be taking me to court to gain access. i could not help but bloody laugh at the letter. they where post to come round on 23rd feb but came around at 3pm but i had to go out around that time for doctors and they was post to come on the 27th but they didn’t even show up or post a note into my letterbox (O_O).
The woman down the phone said it says on the computers that i bloody work and that i have a son so the best times to get me are 10am to 2pm HMMM SO WHY TURN UP AT 3PM. sorted it out now that there coming to to my home on wednesday and they better sodding show up.
also been told that if i don’t let them in that there gonna cut off my gas but i have a young child and i thought they can only cut you off if your not paying (O_O).


like always i’m sorry for not blogging alot but nothing has been going on this week.

liam is doing fine and back to being himself. he’s seeing someone about his feet this month so gonna tell them he ended up in hospital because of his feet. i also got a letter this week for him to see a occupational therapist in April.


hello blog people.

whoop i now have my new laptop and its so sexy and it don’t smell like smoke when i’m using it lol. There has not been anything fun happening to me or liam. Life has been very quiet for once and i have to admit its lovely. I’ve been keeping my mind busy with work and online games also liam lol.

sorry for not blogging alot but there is just not alot going on right now…. 😀