woop looking up in life

10303172_10203069067863695_7146019084641695076_nwell i think its been a week since i did a blog on my page but thats because everytime i want to put something down i find it so hard to write about it online. I’m so happy that i have my own diary to put stuff in then i find it hard to talk to people.

well i have had soon good news from work and i no this is bad but i have not told anyone hmmm well i lie my best mates and family know…for a month now i have been doing morning’s at work because sadly when i was doing late’s i was getting spyed on and watched/followed home. my hours go back soon so i do hope all this stupid stuff will not happen again.

today it has been mummy and son day. i took him to fizzy lizards and you can tell by the photo where else. i have had some brilo news and after fighting for a year Liam is going to be seeing a speech and language therapist in June :D.