i think people who read my blogs might of clicked on that i have not been writing a lot on this site but there is a reason why and nope i have not forgotten you (i’m always looking on here).

I did a blog about my tax and rent probs. good news my tax has been sorted and I should get around £200 something back on pay day (tax man says so) but bad news my rent is £64 a week and its hitting me hard to a point money right now sucks and its making me feel like crap but I also have to try and keep smiling so people don’t no that I’m worried about it. I know its gonna get sorted but right now its hard to keep up with bills and shopping.

for this reason i just have not been in the mood to write anything but don’t worry i will be back soon with some cool stuff.

did a boo boo lol

bad news – I kind of did a dumb thing last night before going to bed. I was having a look at backgrounds and without thinking I pressed save not the X. I spent a hour looking for my old one but no luck. so say hello to the new back ground lol. only prob I have with it is that the tags are on top and I don’t like that but everything looks ok for now.

update on blog :)

first i need to say sorry for not doing any long blogs. i had a comment the other day saying that they miss reading my long blogs. i have to admit there has not been anything good to write about so that’s why i haven’t done nothing long. but i will say there will be a long big blogs at the end of this month (got 2 big things happening).

don’t worry i haven’t forgot about you sexy people 😛 .

PS I do have a twitter – keys1988 , snapchat – keysprice1988 , Instagram – keysprice1988