Sunday – well it was one of them days what felt like it was dragging.at 10am i took liam to see the duckies and at 6pm i took my mother to see some strippers aka magic mike and it’s an ok film but was also abit poop.

Monday – well watched WWE money in the bank and a part of me new that cena would win and also cm punk. I also think the only good fight was cm punk vs Danial. Oh and I’ve ordered my new pink violin and should be here sometime this week.

It’s now 12:01am so bed :].

woop :]

yay my violin bow has turned up woop woop woop but I’m never going to order music stuff off amazon again. the bow works and sounds brilo :]. I’m one happy lass. i think its funny i send them a email and royal mail give me a parcel ( took them 2weeks 😡 ).

oh i got woken up at 8:55am because of a phone call from sure start (play group). telling me that the first aid course starts today at 9:30am. well i forgot that i signed up for that and also they told me a month ago that there is a list and they would tell me if i can do the course. i didn’t go mostly because i was taking Liam to fizzy lizards (he loved it) and you cant tell someone on the day your on the course.