monday sun :]

been a lovely fun morning oh and don’t forget the lovely sun. me and my mum took liam to woodlands and wow liam had so much fun. he was playing with the boys and for once he’s not trying to body slam them lol. he went and played outside and played on a wooden ship. he even had lunch and sat with the other children.we spent 2 hours there and when he got home he had a two hour nap :]. love my little man,

he had fun :]

Its Tuesday 22:56pm and after this blog I’m going to bed. Got to be up early in the morning (around 8:35am) so Liam can go to woodlands (get there at 10am). Hmm talking about woodlands they had their free day on Monday and no joke it was full and I mean full (could not move). I lost Liam two times and found him in the ball pool in the playgym and I had to go get him out and we also lost a size 4 Nike shoe what I found at the other side of the room. We only stayed there for an hour because it was way too busy and Liam was getting to hyper around all the children running around.

busy morning

Can’t believe the morning I’ve had. I woke up at 9am and no test Liam was still snoring so I put my head onto my pillow and I must of gone back to sleep because I got woken up by my mother saying kera its 10am and I freaked out and got dressed (all in pink today) and Liam dressed and put food into him :] . For once it was sunny so at 10:40am we were out the house heading up to woodlands. When we got to his play group around 11am we only stayed for an hour because it was not busy and also by 12pm Liam was falling asleep (don’t understand why lol). We went to see the ducky’s and watched them for a bit and by the time we got home it was 1pm and Liam went to have a nap.

hello sexy people

took Liam to woodlands play gym yesterday and he loved it so we will be going back there again :]. only prob i had was the play gym in the room is for 2-7year old and Liam kept going up to it because he wanted to go into it but hes only 18months old. there are lots of toys so i can’t say there is nothing for him to do.

well today is my chill day after working all weekend. just watched WWE and I’ve found out my son likes Daniel Bryan because when Danial was saying yes yes yes Liam joined in :|.

i cant stop thinking about my past and July is the month my friend Kelly passed away (nearly 4years). i keep thinking about the school years and stuff we got up to :(. I’ve got next week off so next Sunday i will have to go and put flowers on her grave….miss you woody.