I have not forgotten you

first thing I need to say is thank you to the people who have been reading my blogs when I haven’t been blogging a lot. sadly there has been no news to put up right now and nothing fun is going on in my life.

don’t worry I have not forgotten about you sexy people and also a big thankyou because the blog just hit 1,350 followers :D.

did a boo boo lol

bad news – I kind of did a dumb thing last night before going to bed. I was having a look at backgrounds and without thinking I pressed save not the X. I spent a hour looking for my old one but no luck. so say hello to the new back ground lol. only prob I have with it is that the tags are on top and I don’t like that but everything looks ok for now.

keys1988 wordpress update

i have no-test a hell of alot lately that people keep trying to post links to there sites in my comments but not clicking on that i look at them before they even go onto my page. i mostly don’t mind helping people with there sites but only if they say something about mine on there’s first ….. yes i have over 1,000 people following but it does not mean to put links on my site….