yorkshire snow



sodding fly tipping >:(

had a fun morning. i had to go to holmfirth to pick up a parcel and i thought hmmm why not walk home so i did. i do not know why i thought it was ok to walk home but i will say my sodding legs hurt now.

on my walk home on Thick Holins road i no-test a guy acting kind of odd near the side of the road. i kept watching until i clicked on what he was doing. he was fly tipping videos behind a wall. i got out my phone and started to film him but soon as he saw what i was doing he jumped into his van and went. i no this is no help but it was male, looked in his 30s, looked like a home business van.

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#Meltham just seen him doing it

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i need rest

liam is on his school holiday and yesterday he just had a off day. i do not no what was up with him but wow. by 5pm i thought ok lets go on a walk.

after being on a 2hour walk on the moors and running about you would of thought he be wanting his bed…..nope he was up till 12am messing (O_O).

ps more photos on my instagram https://www.instagram.com/keysprice1988/


please sign the petition to keep the Huddersfield hospital open. so many life’s will be lost if they shut down HRI. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/118690


i mostly don’t do blogs like this but this petition means so much to me and to everyone in my home town..


meltham keep a eye out

well i just had something scary happen to me and no i’m not going to ring up the police because they will just say lock up your doors and we can only report it. but sod that i’m going to do this the keys way by putting it on twitter and wordpress because i know if it happened again the police would just ask me if i saw  the person and did i take a film or photo of the person (O_O) (no joke they asked that when a attempted arson happened in 2014).

at 11am i was in my frontroom watching youtube on my laptop when i heard someone messing with my door down stairs. they where trying to push my door open. i didn’t lock the door but the yale lock was on so the door was moving a little but it wont going to open. then they started to mess with my letter box but soon as i shouted hello it all stopped. at first i thought it was the mailman or something has come for me but when i went and looked out the window no-one and no vans where there.

i’m ok and if there smart they won’t come back but i thought i better tell people just to keep safe.


time to tell you people about what i have been up to….hmmm nothing.

i did drag my felaa out for a drive in his car around west Yorkshire on a Wednesday night hehe that was fun until we got onto a motorway. matt has never been on the motorway with his van before so he was pooping his pants and i was laughing because i thought it was funny (O_O). we even went up to Huddersfield castle at 8pm and watched the rain come over the moors….lmao oh and we saw people dogging…. my fella wanted to blink his car lights for a joke lol.

liam (my son) is off pre-school today all because he has not been to the loo for 2days. also got to meet his new health woman today and best part is i got the letter yesterday saying she was coming round to see us.

my laptop has had it. the fan has gone on it so now its on a cooling pad also my cd drive has died so i had to buy a new one but it only cost me nearly £20 because its a USB one. i’m trying to save up for a new computer….stuff having a laptop again.

rugby … no love :(

i love rugby league and i’m also a Huddersfield giants fan but lately i feel like wow Super League getting so bad.

1) today at the end of the first half of the game i shouted YOUR POOP GIANTS AND THIS IS WHY I WON’T GET A SEASON TICKET. 21 years i have been watching them and for the first time i have thought wow i could be doing something better then being here or i wish i was watching league 1.

2) i thought rugby league is a family game….3 FIGHTS TODAY.

3) i also find it wrong how the referee is best friends with the other team (he goes drinking with the Warrington Wolves players) and hes aloud to ref that sodding game….THE WOLVES FANS WHERE SINGING A SONG FOR THE REF (>_<).

4) on the second half of the game the ref stopped the players and i shouted OMG WHAT NOW. the players looked lost and didn’t know what was going on. a fan slapped my back and said look over there (sounded pissed off with me)….one of there players where out cold.

Huddersfield won the game but i think they must of had a right yelling at in the locker room before they came back out. there now 4th on the league table but i just started to feel no more love….think its time i stop going for abit untill Super League sorts it self out.